MOVIVERDE we promote Smart Mobility, through Electrical Mobility


Sustainable Mobility is already here and MOVIVERDE gives you the opportunity to jump into the future and forget the problem forever of recharging your electric vehicle by approaching it in an innovative and smart way.

In MOVIVERDE we promote Smart Mobility, through Electrical Mobility (e-mobility) and Mobility Sharing because we pledge to help grow smart cities in harmony with nature and our environment…

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Electrical Mobility
Electrical Mobility


At MOVIVERDE we want to team together with you to co-create the best solution for your needs in Electric Mobility and energy efficiency.

Looking for an optimal solution for the recharging of your 100% electric car / motorcycle / bicycle?

In MOVIVERDE we market and install all types of recharging points – slow speed, medium speed or fast speed – of the highest quality and performance. And we do it where you need it: at home, at work, or in a public accessible location or road.

MOVIVERDE also offers you innovation tools to optimize your energy consumption.

Smart Mobility, through Electrical Mobility
Smart Mobility, through Electrical Mobility


Take action to fight against Climate Change by actively calculating, reducing and compensating your CO2 emissions.

The carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions emitted directly or indirectly as a consequence of the development of an activity, measured in tons of CO2 equivalent.

The carbon footprint represents the impact that the development of an activity has on the climate, and its calculation is the first step to be able to draw up a quantitatively measurable reduction plan.

Con podrás calcular tu huella de carbono, la de tu entidad, evento, producto o actividad cotidiana y tomar las medidas adecuadas para reducir tu impacto.…