Recharging stations for your electric vehicle
Recharging stations for your electric vehicle


MOVIVERDE can offer you infrastructures and charging stations for your electric vehicle whether cars, motorcycles or bicycles. We offer charging stations from slow (3,7kW) to DC fast charging power. All our products are governed by the latest technology, respect for the environment (zero emissions + reduced energy consumption) and offer maximum safety (they are products certified and in accordance with the CEI-61851 standard, also offer a guarantee of technical performance).

In summary, our products are:

  • Reliable: designed according to current regulations to ensure proper battery operation;
  • Approved: they are endorsed by the main manufacturers of charging stations and electric vehicles;
  • Safe: they have anti-theft systems;
  • Easy to use: they have a simple intuitive menu;
  • Resistant: they can be placed outside in the open without risk of damage;
  • Intelligent: they allow the identification of the user, the programming of the load, the communication between the recharging point and the vehicle (car, motorcycle, bike) facilitating remote orders, etc.


These are small wall-mounted charging stations that are used to recharge a single vehicle in private locations (private garages for private family house), with a power between 3.7kW and 7.4kW. The installation is simple, the station is programmable with multiple configurations and the software is flexible and integrable. You can install the base model, HOME BOX, or SMART WALL BOX model with GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) connection for remote management and the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) local user recognition system that allows payment by credit cards or personalised cards. WALL BOXES are available with Type 3A and Type 2 sockets.


Recharging an electric vehicle at home may absorb a good part, if not all, the electricity we normally have in our homes, which is why Power Management is a key feature.

This function, exclusive of the SMART WALL BOX, allows to modulate the charging current based on the instantaneous consumption of the home and to adapt it to the consumption of already existing home appliances, without the risk of triggering the counter and thus avoiding bothersome blackouts.

It is also possible to activate the station via a remote control card.


This is a charging station for one or two vehicles, with 3.7kW, 7.4kW, 11kW and 22kW of power. The installation occupies little space, the station is programmable with multiple configurations, the software is flexible and integrable. You can expect to install the base model, HOME BOX, or SMART WALL BOX model equipped with a GPRS connection for remote management and the RFID local user recognition system that allows payment by credit cards or personalised cards. TOWER BOXES are available with Type 3A and Type 2 sockets.

As an added value, it is also possible to activate the station via a remote control card.


This is a very fast DC (direct current) charging station. It is compatible for majority of electric vehicles capable of DC fast charging.

It meets the European charging standards for new energy electric vehicles and is applicable for large electric bus stations, expressway service areas, electric car charging stations and other parking lots.


  • Depending on the types of recharges, it is also possible to activate the station via a remote control card.
  • MOVIVERDE also offers you tools to optimize your energy consumption in an innovative way.


The estimated charging time of the electric vehicle varies and depends on the power of the charging point.

If the power is …


In MOVIVERDE our aim is to help you understand everything you need to know about Electric Mobility, about your electric vehicle, recharging for electric vehicles and the most important advances within the sector. We want to advise you in every step from initial contact in the choice, purchase, installation, maintenance and technical support to the charging infrastructure of your electric vehicle.

We also offer you tools to optimize your energy consumption in an innovative way.


In MOVIVERDE we take care of the installation of the charging station and we offer you the maximum guarantee and quality because we work with approved installers. We help you and offer solutions so you can install a recharging point easily, quickly and safely.

Our technicians and expert collaborators take care of everything: including technical feasibility, analysis of the best location for the recharging point, product installation, ensuring that the installation complies with the existing infrastructure regulation. All this, according to the manufacturers technical requirements for the best guarantee of the recharging of electric vehicles and battery care.

So leave everything in our hands and forget about the rest!


In MOVIVERDE, we can also take care of the maintenance of the charging stations and include it in the installation quote.

We can take care of any damage so you just relax!


All our products have a 2-year warranty and we also offer personalised technical support according to your business needs and requirements.



At MOVIVERDE we are always up to date with the latest innovations of Electric Mobility to offer the best solutions for your electric vehicle.

MOVIVERDE closely follows the research and technological development of the electric vehicles sector and we work in close relationship with the main players of the sector such as approved installers, electric vehicle manufacturers, public entities and companies in order to adapt our products and services to the quality, performance and demand requested by a constantly evolving market.


In MOVIVERDE we are at your disposal to prepare a personalized quote according to your needs, to advise you on how to optimize energy usage or to make you an unbeatable offer on recharging stations for your electric vehicle.

You just have to ask us with one click!


Our social initiatives

You must have already heard that we have big plans for the electric mobility sector, have you? But do you know that we also dream big for our Planet? We want it to be healthier and stronger, so that people are happier altogether.

We will start by painting our Planet in green colour again, bringing back its healthy look. We need to take care of it as it has become sad and grey due to the negative impact of humanity.


They say a tree is source of life and hope.

How many times have you heard this phrase? Certainly many times. But have you ever stopped to think what the trees really mean for humanity?

The trees were always there but unfortunately every day there are less and less. Deforestation is massively devastating the Earth’s forests and tropical rainforests and provoking a big loss of habitat for millions of animal species around the world.

Our Planet needs the trees to safeguard its biodiversity and fight against Climate Change caused by men. And we humans need the trees to survive, to breathe, to feed ourselves, to get shelter, to cultivate the land, to cook, and also to dream and inspire us in all its beauty.

That’s why at Moviverde we are committed to planting one tree for each charging station you buy from us!

And we do so by offering you a unique experience thanks to the collaboration with TREEDOM #LetsGreenThePlanet, a very special Italian online platform born in Florence in 2010 that operates in 10 countries around the world and has already planted more than 400,000 trees.

Moviverde will choose the tree through the TREEDOM platform. In addition to having a positive impact on the environment, each planted tree will bring social and economic benefits to the farmer, his family and the local communities supported by TREEDOM. Besides you will be able to follow the growth of the tree online. For more information, visit:

But our green mission does not end here, we will soon surprise you with many more social initiatives aimed at creating more liveable cities today and a better world tomorrow, for future generations.