Do you want to recharge:

  • Your electric car
  • Your electric motorcycle
  • Your electric bicycle

At MOVIVERDE we offer recharging points for the three above mentioned types of electric vehicles, regardless of the brand or model, the range or power, or the plug you have. We install recharging points in a community garage, in a neighbours community or in any other urban or interurban location. Consult us and we will tailor a proposal to your needs so that you can make the best decision.

Recharge your electric vehicle - Recharging points
Recharge your electric vehicle - Recharging points


– If you are a private individual, you can install a recharging point in your single-family house or community garage for domestic use. This way you can recharge your vehicle’s battery for example at night while you sleep and benefit from a reduced cost of the supplied energy.

– If you are a public entity or private company you can offer recharging points as an added value service in public and / or private places. This will help you add value and innovation to your brand image, generating more benefits.

For example, we talk about:

  • Recharge points in public car parks
  • Recharge points in hotels
  • Recharge points in shopping centers
  • Recharge points at airports, train stations and ports
  • in universities
  • in hospitals
  • in theatres
  • in industrial estates
  • in sports centers
  • in business parking areas

And in many other places that offer an adequate infrastructure for all types of electric vehicles.

At MOVIVERDE, one of our main objectives is to promote, through key collaborations and partnerships, the deployment of recharging points as an infrastructure for urban and interurban areas, whether public or private. With this we seek to contribute to the necessary energy change thanks to the continued growth of the electric vehicles sector.

Recharge your electric vehicle - Recharging points
Recharge your electric vehicle - Recharging points


If you move around the city and do not have a recharging point at home, if you want to plan a trip with your electric vehicle through Spain or Europe, or if you want to know all available public and / or private recharging points, click on the link below to access the website of NEXT CHARGE or download the App on your mobile to obtain a map with the complete network of existing charging points at national, European and global level.